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June 10th 2008

Talking up the Dollar

When it comes to forex, the old adage actions speak louder than words doesn’t always hold. In fact, words can be quite effective on their own in holding down or propping up a currency. For a while, the threat of intervention by the Central Bank of Japan was enough to hold down the Yen, despite a lack of supporting action. With regard to the Dollar, several high-ranking economic officials have recently made unsolicited comments implying that traders should think twice about shorting the Dollar. First, Ben Bernanke worried publicly about the effect of the sinking Dollar on inflation. Then, President Bush suggested that the Dollar was undervalued relative to economic fundamentals. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson capped the effort by refusing to dismiss the possibility of coordinated intervention on behalf of the Dollar. While it has been eight years since the US last intervened in forex markets, it looks like investors are taking these threats seriously. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Traders seized on the comments as a signal that the administration — which has never intervened in the markets before — could do so if a dollar rout gets bad enough.

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