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June 10th 2008

How Far Has the Dollar Really Fallen?

Kurt Brouwer offers his take on the falling USD over at Fundmastery Blog:

Let’s start with how far the dollar has fallen. One problem with our media is that the news of the day is often one-sided and it seldom comes with any historical perspective. For example, do you rememberhearing that the Euro fell to historic lows versus the dollar? Well, as you will see from the chart below, it happened not too long ago. In fact, the Euro fell steadily versus the dollar for the first five years of its existence, beginning in January 1999. It did not get back to even until mid-November, 2003. At the low point for the Euro you could have bought one for 84 cents. Now, it takes a $1.56.

Read more: How Far Has the Dollar Fallen? And Why? — What’s Next?

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