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May 11th 2011

Interview with Arnaud Jeulin of “Try a Lot of Strategies!”

Today, we bring you an interview with Arnaud Jeulin of Below, Arnaud discusses his background and reveals his favorite currency pairs.

Forex Blog: I’d like to begin by asking you about your background as a trader and as a commentator. How did you get started in forex? At what point did you make the transition from trading currencies to offering analysis to the public? What was your motivation for that decision? Where did the name “Mataf” come from?

I started forex trading in 2003. I tested several strategy and various brokers during one year. was my trading journal. Day after day I had more and more visitors and I had to upgrade the website (coding and hosting). Step by step I improved my trading skills. I also spend more time coding

Today I spend 100% of my time managing the website. My goal is to automate the site and return to full time trading.

Mataf is the name of a hut on Amsterdam Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I lived here during 1 year in 2000.

Forex Blog: Can you explain your approach to trading? Do you prefer fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or a mix of both? Do you think this approach is suitable for most traders?

I only work with technical analysis. My work is to find a trend and to follow it. I think it’s the easiest way to make money for most traders.

Forex Blog: Your website offers some interesting correlation graphs for a handful of major currencies. How are these correlations calculated? How should traders form strategies around them?

I took the correlation formula on Wikipedia. I use the correlation to adapt my risk management. For example if I have a sell signals on both EURUSD and USDCHF (which are negatively correlated) it’s a sign that I can make a mistake, then I decrease the size of my positions.

Forex Blog: I am intrigued by the “Your analysis is Wrong” thread on your forum. Do you wish to console readers on their losses? Aren’t you worried that the thread will give people the opportunity to vent their frustration with your recommendations?

It’s a thread for those who blindly follow the signals. They have to know that I can be wrong.

Forex Blog: How should traders use the Fibonacci pivot points that you offer in your technical analysis section? How often do you update these points?

All the pivot points are updated every day.

Forex Blog: Do you make trades based on the information posted on If so, what is the advantage of making that information public? Why not just keep it to yourself?

When I make a trade it’s always based on my signals. This information is public because it helps me to avoid too speculative trades.

Forex Blog: Which pair(s) is your favorite to trade? How many pairs are you monitoring at any given time?

My favorite pair is EURUSD. I have followed this pair hour after hour for 8 years. I’m monitoring 12 pairs:    EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY, GBPJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF, EURJPY, USDCAD, EURCAD, AUDUSD, EURAUD. I spend 30 minutes at 7am and 30 more minutes at 2pm to check all of them.

Forex Blog: Finally, what’s your advice for traders that want to beat the market and turn a profit in these uncertain times?

If you want to beat the market you have to open a real account and try a lot of strategies (trend following, scalping, swing trading…) on various time frames. After a few months you will find the strategy that suits you.

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