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February 7th 2008

Why the Fed Cut Rates

It seems self-evident that the Fed is easing monetary policy because it is trying to stimulate the economy and shore up confidence in capital markets by making credit less expensive.  Dig a little deeper, however, and a more nuanced picture begins to emerge.  Conspiracy theorists believe that the Fed knows something that investors don’t, perhaps that the subprime mortgage situation is more serious than the public is being led to believe. Accordingly, the theory goes, it is trying to prevent a complete collapse of the financial system.  Another theory holds that the Fed is cutting rates because it has nothing to lose by doing so. Inflation is still low, from a historical standpoint, and the Fed may be trying to inject liquidity into the financial markets before it is too late.  Yet another theory holds that the Fed is deliberately targeting a weak Dollar and high commodity prices, as the former benefits the US directly by narrowing the trade imbalance, and the latter benefits the US indirectly by helping emerging market economies, which are relatively more dependent on commodities.  The Chicago Tribune reports:

An increase in exports was one of the
positive features of Wednesday’s disappointing fourth-quarter report on U.S. gross domestic product. The cheaper dollar is a major factor in export growth, both in terms of current sales and expansion of overseas market share by U.S. manufacturers.

Read More: Fed rate cut conspiracy or power play?

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