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April 25th 2006

USD plummets against Euro

Last year, the strength of the USD against the Euro came as a great surprise to currency traders and economists, alike, who believed it was only a matter f time before fundamental factors caught up with the dollar. In the last few months, however, the Euro has steadily climbed against the USD, all without much fanfare. This week, it crossed a psychological barrier and reached the milestone of 7-month high. The currency has been buoyed by strong economic indicators, notably German business confidence data. Marketwatch reports:

“The euro strengthened across the board as strong data and official comments contributed to expectations the ECB could ramp up its tightening path.”

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Posted by Adam Kritzer | in Euro, Investing & Trading | 1 Comment »

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One Review of “USD plummets against Euro”

  1. Free Signals Week Says:

    It’s not a surprise that the last year USD was strong against EURO. USD economy rose month to month. It is showed good economical factors. Federal Reserve System slightly increased rate – this is all have positive affect for currency. The same situation we can see against GBP, CAD, and JPY.

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