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October 14th 2008

The Forex Facebook

Today marked the official launch of financial news website Tip’d, which combines news, social networking, and investing. The site enables users to upload news stories which fit into several categories of finance and economics. Stories are ranked in terms of popularity (based on the number of times that users "tip" them), with the most-read stories appearing on the front page. Users can post comments, as well as forge relationships with other users, perhaps based on common interests. I am posting about Tip’d here on the Forex Blog, because of the amalgamation of forex news that can be found on the site. In addition, the democratic nature of the site should ensure that only top-quality (or at least interesting) forex stories make the cut.

Update 1/15/09: The guys over at Tip’d have just posted this short video tutorial on how to use the site.

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One Review of “The Forex Facebook”

  1. Bonnie Smith Says:

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