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May 9th 2008

New Forex ETFs

WisdomTree and Dreyfus Funds recently unveiled five new currency ETFs in order to fill a broad gap in the emerging markets category. Previously, investors were limited to such mainstay currencies as the US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and Swiss Franc. These new ETFs will expand this list to include the Indian Rupee, Brazilian Real, and the much-anticipated Chinese Yuan. It will also offer products for the Euro and Yen, but these probably won’t draw much attention. The RMB ETF, especially, will be pounced on by investors, who have been clamoring for years for a cheap and easy way to capture the upside of the Yuan’s inevitable appreciation. In addition, all of the ETFs will also return modest yields based on prevailing interest rates in the representative countries. Reuters reports:

In the case of India, Brazil and China, the yields on the ETFs may differ from yields available locally due to restrictions on foreign investors.

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One Review of “New Forex ETFs”

  1. robert pisani Says:

    where can i find a list of all currency etf’s now tradable?

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