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August 6th 2008

Euro Needs Better Governance

Last week, the Forex Blog covered an IMF report that claimed the period of Dollar hegemony is nowhere near finished. This view appears to be widely held, and an American economist argued in a recent op-ed piece that the Euro still trails the Dollar in terms of global prominence. Certainly, he acknowledged the collapse in confidence that has sent the Dollar spiraling downward over the last few years. Central Banks are holding an ever-increasing portion of their reserves in alternative currencies, namely Euros. Many new bond and stock issues are denominated in Euros. But ultimately, the Dollar is still Numero Uno.

However, the potential exists for the Euro can one day catch up the Dollar, such that the world’s financial system would rest on two equal pillars. The key, argues the aforementioned economist, lies in better governance. The European Monetary Union lacks coherent leadership, preventing it from projecting power outside the EU and increasing the role of the Euro in the global economy. In addition, the process by which EU economic and monetary policy is determined lacks transparency. The current structure encourages members to act selfishly, and there is tremendous disagreement and controversy surrounding even minute issues. Until this system is reformed, the Euro cannot seriously hope to compete with the Dollar.

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