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June 18th 2008

4 Types of Forex Trades

In a recent article for Seeking Alpha, financial journalist Ray Hendon offered an overview on the four principal strategies employed in the forex markets: carry trade, technical trade, fundamental trade, and arbitrage. The carry trade, which involves borrowing in a low-interest rate currency and buying a higher-yielding currency, can be undertaken by either buying ETF(s) or by trading directly using a retail forex account. The ETF route can be further subdivided into two possibilities: to buy a particular currency ETF to take advantage of the spread, or instead to buy one of two ETFs (symbols: ICI & DBV) that use computer models to mimic the carry trade.

Currency traders are probably familiar with the second and third strategies: technical trade and fundamental trade. Hendon refers to the technical trade as "momentum trade" but this is overly simplistic. Traders employing a technical strategy can make use of a range of technical indicators designed to show where a particular currency pair is headed in the short term. On the other end of the time horizon is the fundamental trade, which usually involves a long-term commitment. Fundamental trades make use of differentials between countries/currencies which can involve economic growth, inflation, interest rates, even politics, to try to determine whether a particular currency is undervalued or overvalued. 

Finally, there is the arbitrage trade, in which traders attempt to spot minute differences in currency pairs that trade in different markets. There is also the possibility of triangular arbitrage in which the respective exchange rates between 3 currency pairs aren’t congruent. However, Hendon concedes that such trades have become the bastion of institutional investors which make use of sophisticated computer models to instantly identify and profit from arbitrage opportunities, which limits the average retail trader to the three strategies listed above.

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