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March 27th 2008

Euro Could Replace Dollar

Two American economists recently conducted a computer simulation to determine how the role of the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency will evolve over the next decade.  Their hypothesis- that the Dollar’s preeminence would be maintained- was contradicted by the simulation leading them to conclude that the Euro will overtake the Dollar within the next 10-15 years. This may be hard for many analysts to stomach, since the Dollar’s share in global currency reserves is 66%, compared to the Euro’s 25%. In addition, the Dollar has held its title for nearly 150 years, and it’s difficult to fathom its being replaced.

However, two factors have emerged within the last 10 years, lending support to the argument.  First, the US twin deficits have exploded; the current account deficit approximates $800 Billion and the national debt is estimated at $9.4 Trillion. Second, prior to the inception of the Euro, there didn’t exist a credible alternative to the Dollar. The Deutsch Mark and Japanese Yen initially seemed like potential candidates, but the German currency was folded into the Euro, and the Japanese economy has soured and taken over by deflation. Then there are peripheral factors, like US monetary policy, which is facilitating inflation and eroding the Dollar.  There are also signs that a neo-imperialist foreign policy has overstretched the US, and foreign Central Banks are becoming nervous.  The Financial Times reports:

Many developing countries will find it harder to maintain their dollar pegs. They may be reluctant to drop them now but there will come a point when the rise in inflationary pressures becomes unbearable.

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