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January 16th 2008

China’s Forex Reserves Roar Past $1.5 Trillion

On January 24 last year, the Forex Blog reported with great fanfare that China’s forex reserves had breached the epic milestone of $1 Trillion. [In hindsight, it turns out that the psychologically important barrier was broken several months earlier, but that is beside the point].  Less than one year later, China’s forex reserves reached another important threshold, soaring past $1.5 Trillion. It appears that new reserves are being accumulated at  an exponential rate, having increased $460 Billion last year and over $30 Billion in the month  of December alone. By no coincidence, China’s 2007 trade surplus of $262 Billion shattered the previous record and is expanding at a comparably supersonic pace.

Most analysts reckon that the country is locked in a vicious cycle: when its trade surplus grows, its forex reserves grow proportionately. Moreover, the lopsided trade imbalance th\at China maintains with most of the world ensures that the demand for Chinese Yuan exceeds the supply. In the short run, a more expensive currency equates to higher prices paid for its exports which only increases the trade surplus and forex reserves further, and exerts still more pressure on the currency to appreciate.  Meanwhile, as the Yuan rises, the value of China’s forex reserves, which are denominated predominantly in USD, falls.  What a conundrum indeed! Xinhua News reports:

The value of Chinese RMB against the US dollars has appreciated by over six percent in 2007. The central parity rate of the RMB was 7.2672 to the US dollar on Friday.

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