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January 26th 2006

Canadian Election Drives Canadian Dollar

In a national election held earlier this week, Canada’s Conservative movement, led by Stephen Harper, emerged as the winning party. Harper’s victory, according to many currency analysts, represents the best outcome, as Canada can now move past the corruption scandal which plagued the previous administration. The new administration may also implement certain structural reforms, so as to make Canada’s economy less dependent on natural resource exports. Meanwhile, Canada’s stock market continues to set records, and Canada’s Central Bank is moving to stem the interest rate differential between Canada and the rest of the developed world. CBC News reports:

“A Conservative majority is expected to generate a positive short-term reaction for the dollar, as some policy concerns will be partially alleviated.”

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One Review of “Canadian Election Drives Canadian Dollar”

  1. ForexGuy Says:

    I’m looking forward to leveraging this situation to make more return. Go Canada!

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