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September 4th 2005

USD continues decline

The USD continued its decline against all major currencies, amidst higher commodity prices and the release of disappointing economic data. Analysts have already started to quantify the economic impact of Hurricane Katrina, with some estimates topping $100 Billion. Insurance payouts, alone, could exceed $25 Billion. If energy prices continue to rise, growth may slow further. Investors have adjusted to the dual prospects of slower growth and constant interest rates by sending the USD to a near 3-month low against the Euro. Technical analysts have noted that the Euro’s sudden appreciation represents a breakout and could ignite a prolonged period of appreciation. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Katrina effects weighing on the dollar included concerns that the Federal Reserve may not push ahead with its measured rate-increase approach in the coming months.

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One Review of “USD continues decline”

  1. Euroman Says:

    This is true indeed, furthermore oil is still being denominated in dollars..but not for long it seems. With the EURO making gains as a reserve currency, stonger than the dollar, how long before Russia, OPEC or the IMF for that matter switchover to the EURO?

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