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September 1st 2005

China moves ‘forward’ on currency derivatives

Chinese officials recently approved a preliminary list of banks to make the market in currency forwards. Foreign banks, including HSBC and Deutsche Bank AG, were heavily represented, although the ‘Big 5’ Chinese Banks were predictably included. The move is a large step forward for China, as currency derivatives experience a surge in popularity. Currency forwards allow traders to essentially bet on the future direction of a currency, by entering into an agreement to buy or sell currency at a fixed exchange rate on a fixed date in the future. Yuan-denominated forwards are especially popular, as traders can speculate if, when, and by how much China will revalue its currency. Dow Jones News reports:

Once foreign-exchange fowards trading on the interbank market becomes active, it could affect the yuan spot rate and offshore yuan forwards markets. But it’s still not clear how much freedom the People’s Bank of China is likely to give banks in trading fowards.

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