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July 28th 2005

Wealthy investors set sights on Asian currencies

As forex news has gained more coverage in the media, and currencies have become ever more volatile in the wake of recent political and economic developments, forex trading has surged in popularity. Now, it seems wealthy investors have caught forex fever. Several prominent investment banks and money managers have begun marketing currency investments to their wealthy accountholders. Citigroup, for example, recently introduced a note tied to a basket of Asian currencies, including the Korean Won and the Indian Rupee. The product is principal-protected, meaning there is no downside. The only catch is a $50,000 minimum investment. Slightly more affordable is Everbank’s “Asian Advantage” CD, which is tied to four ‘Pacific Rim’ currencies, including the New Zealand Dollar and Singapore Dollar. The CD requires only a $20,000 investment. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Many of the “baskets” that the private banks have created involve derivatives and options, which are designed to harness a current trend and give investors exposure to certain sectors without having to buy the actual investment.

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Posted by Adam Kritzer | in Exotic Currencies, Investing & Trading | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments of “Wealthy investors set sights on Asian currencies”

  1. Mike Says:

    How Much do these CD’s return?

  2. Forex guru Says:

    The return is linked to the performance of the currency basket over the life of the CD.

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