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July 12th 2005

British Central Bank mulls rate cuts

At its last meeting, Britain’s Central Bank voted to leave the national interest rate unchanged at  4.75%. With new data pouring in every day suggesting Britain’s economy is in trouble, the Bank’s leaders may soon rethink their stance on interest rates. Consumer spending, considered by many British economists to be the most important growth driver, is declining. The drop in savings rates and stagnation of home prices indicates consumers have already spent all that can be expected. Moreover, last week’s terrorist attacks will likely cause consumer confidence to fall further, mitigating the possibility of a fast recovery. Economic growth is now projected at 2.1% for 2005, down from 2.75% in 2004. When the Central Bank meets next month, the upshot will most certainly be lower interest rates. Traders and investors concur, and have priced two rate cuts into British debt futures, implying a rate of 4.25% at the year’s end. Rate cuts or not, the British Pound will most likely continue to slide. The Economist reports:

The strong chance of feeble growth in the second quarter—the National Institute of Economic and Social Research is forecasting a rise in GDP of only 0.3%—means that a cut in August is on the cards. In a poll of economists on July 5th by Reuters, 26 out of 43 said that rates would fall next month.

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